This letter is supplied free of any copyright to send to Education Queensland regarding Nathan Sutherland. 

Think of it as a detailed petition.  If you have the time and energy to write your own version in your own words please do so again.  Or simply add to the supplied version.

I’ve tried to cover off on the issue as I understand it from P&C meetings and general knowledge around town.  Please strike through (or delete prior to emailing) any sentences you don’t understand or agree with, like this:

And please add any extra ideas, comments or replies received at the KDSC Community Chat Forum.  You can also pick up these documents in digital format here:

Nathan Sutherland Letter to EQ DOC | PDF
Nathan Sutherland Cover Letter with suggestions, etc DOC | PDF

Happy to update wording on this template to reflect more views on this matter.  It’s very important we get this right so we can move forward.

This letter is intended as a petition template for us to address this issue as a community and to have Nathan’s grievance heard and for him to be paid in full.  At the end of the day this amount is quite insignificant in the overall EQ budget!  And for him to be put on the appropriate leave status so that he can return to work when he’s ready.  And that he have an external back to work coordinator if he wants one.  And they better be a nice BTWC because he deserves some niceness in return for all the nice things he’s done in our community since they arrived.

If you have already written letters and emails and don’t want to do anymore because it’s so frustrating then please consider this template as an easy way for you to help create the next wave at HQ.  Doesn’t really matter how many we send does it?  So long as they understand this is not going to go away and that we support Nathan and his family as our community members.  We are entitled to disagree with EQ decisions regarding this issue.  We are entitled to have our say regarding the staff at our school – whether we’re an Independent School yet or not.

If you can complete both the email and one or more of the postal options that would be great.  I think we should do the printed and posted as a priority because somehow paper still has more weight and if you can afford it please use the Registered Post option to ensure the department has to sign for it.  I’m hoping that will mean they must reply in writing – addressing our concerns on transparency and process.

If all you can manage is an email – that’s great!  Every action helps!


Email – Copy the three page document into the body of an email.  Delete any sentences you don’t agree with and add any new ones you think of.  Add the date, name, email and mobile number – any, all or none.  Your email address will also arrive to their Inbox as the sender.



SUBJECT: Nathan Sutherland, Kuranda District State College

Hit the SEND button.

Postal – Delete any sentences you don’t agree with and add any new ones you think of.  Add the date, name, email and mobile number – any, all or none. Send to one or both names at the top of the letter.  Cathy is away until the end of August.  It looks like they have the same position in the department but I’m not sure how long they have been in those positions, etc.  Would be good to make sure they both got copies – so send to one or both via:

Normal Post – 65c stamp

Registered Post

– Prepaid Small DL envelope up to 250g – $4.30.

– $2.65 plus postage 65c on your envelope so a bargain at $3.30

– Even better deal is to put two copies in one envelope addressed to the department only.  When it’s opened the copies can be delivered accordingly.  That will bring it down to $1.65 per Assistant Director-General via Registered Post.